Signature Soles - Original, One-of-a-Kind, Hand Drawn Converse Chuck Taylor Designs & Illustrations

Our Shoes

About the Illustrations

Your shoes are a wearable and collectible work of art! Anna hand illustrates all shoes herself. Each drawing is a free-hand illustration drawn directly onto the canvas; no stencils or stamps are applied. The illustration is drawn in a way that makes the most effective use of form and color. In order for shoes to be an original, one of a kind made just for you, no two pairs will be identical. Therefore, designs may have a slight variation from sample pictures.

Like any piece of art, the shoes are signed and dated by Anna.

About the Shoes

All shoe designs are hand illustrated with permanent inks. Artists' professional grade paints are used only when inks cannot be combined to create a desired affect. Shoes are sealed and protected. However, they should be worn and treated in the same manner as any dress or decorative shoe.

Some shoe sizes and styles are subject to availability. Every effort will be made to provide the shoe style as pictured.

If a shoe is not available a close substitute of same value will be used.